A few years ago, the cPanel Control Panel appeared to be an unquestionable front runner on the web hosting market. Its level of popularity grew so large that today cPanel is an analog of Control Panel. Nevertheless, the cPanel Control Panel is built on out–of–date concepts and what worked great in 2005 is not of importance presently.

That’s why, we made the us.cloudlogin.co Control Panel, centered around the ideas of these days and ready for the challenges of the foreseeable future. It is built to operate in the cloud, to be intuitive and to enable you to control every aspect of your online presence: web site, domain and billing, all from a single place.

1. Domain name/invoicing/website adjustments

The us.cloudlogin.co Control Panel enables you to comfortably handle all your domain names, email addresses and websites with a click of the mouse. That way, you’ll be able to deal with every aspect of your online presence from a single interface.

If you need independent Control Panel solutions – one for your web sites, and yet another from which you can manage your domain names and payments, then cPanel is good for you. Nevertheless, you will have to sign into 2 locations at the same time to efficiently maintain your web presence.

2. File Arrangement

Controlling various domain names and sites from a single web hosting account must be very easy. In the us.cloudlogin.co Control Panel, each domain and subdomain is found in a standalone folder and is completely separated from the rest.

With the cPanel Control Panel, you have a single hosting account for your main web site and if you intend to have other websites within the very same hosting account, they’re going to be incorporated as subfolders of your main site. This could make taking care of a lot of websites truly complicated.

3. File Manager

The us.cloudlogin.co Control Panel features a user–friendly File Manager, which allows you to add files by only dragging them in your Internet browser. You will have instant access to all the characteristics through useful right–click context navigation. You can also use back–end code and WYSIWYG managers. All characteristics are simple to access.

The File Manager included in the cPanel Control Panel was modified a couple of times in recent times, nonetheless it still doesn’t offer decent results as opposed to other online data file management instruments. You cannot utilize a drag & drop functionality to publish data files, the archive/unzip tool may be hard to rely on at times and the file editing interface is restricted in features.

4. No–charge Bonus Features

With the us.cloudlogin.co Control Panel, you you’ll find a great number of 100–percent–free extras created by our company. They are included totally free with each website hosting service, which uses our Control Panel. With each plan, you can utilize tools such as the Web Site Installer Instrument, the Best Web Applications, the PHP 1 Click Framework Installer, the Free Of Charge Site Creator, an array of Advanced Tools, and even more.

The freely available bonus features bundled in the cPanel Control Panel can differ from nil to several. All no–cost extras in the cPanel Control Panel are commercial software and are readily available provided that your web hosting supplier has acquired a certificate to give them. This way, if your service provider free add–ons together with your plan, they will in reality scale up the cost of the service.

5. Control Panel Tool Performance Speeds

The us.cloudlogin.co Control Panel runs on our in–house built web hosting plans. It’s enhanced to perform on our setup of equipment parts and function with our collection of software tools. This makes it run more quickly when compared with virtually any Control Panel solution out there. And it is more reliable as well.

cPane is compiled to be working on a wide selection of systems employing many different equipment setups. Because of this, it is not absolutely designed to work with a particular platform, which might have negative impact on speed and stability. Also, It may be even sluggish at times of higher hosting server overload.

6. Multi–domain name Administration

The us.cloudlogin.co Control Panel delivers a one–of–a–kind option to handle numerous domains and sites from one easy–to–use interface. Domain name administration is simple and moving over to site operations means you simply have to transfer to another area of the Control Panel.

If you try to accommodate a lot of domains in a cPanel account, you’ll end up facing a very complicated directory arrangement. By default, cPanel hosting accounts are meant to manage a single domain. This way, if you need to manage 10 domains simultaneously, for instance, you’ll have to create 10 different accounts. Or else, all added domain names’ data files will be located in the folder of the main domain name.

7. Control Panel Navigation

With the us.cloudlogin.co Control Panel, you’ll be shown the most up–to–date reports for your sites and with handy shortcut icons to the key sections. Furthermore, you’re able to navigate around the Control Panel, due to us.cloudlogin.co’s top menu bar, which contains hyperlinks to all available Control Panel sections.

In the cPanel home page, you will notice icons for all sections of the Control Panel. Because of this, even if you never work with an area, you will still find it in the index page. In addition, to switch between sections, you have to get straight back to the homepage and then head somewhere else.

8. Test Accounts

With the us.cloudlogin.co Control Panel, we’ve designed a fully featured demo interface for you to take a look in advance of signup. You will have access to an evaluation web hosting plans account from which you can create e–mail accounts, install applications, make new subdomains, as well as create a website with one of the site constructors, and so on. Should you like what you have created – you can enroll within the demo interface and preserve anything you have created thus far.

The cPanel Control Panel demo interface is basically a screenshot of what is in the primary menu. Almost every capability that is shown included there is unavailable. This way, when you enroll, you will have no idea how the different instruments and capabilities of the Control Panel in fact operate.

With the us.cloudlogin.co Control Panel, maintaining your web sites will be straightforward and enjoyable. Just take a look at us.cloudlogin.co’s Online Control Panel demo and discover the included parameters and functionalities to see by yourself.

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