FTP (short for File Transfer Protocol), is one of the most commonly used methods for transmitting web files between a computer and a web server. With an FTP program like FileZilla, you can set up a connection to your website hosting account and drag ‘n’ drop files or entire directories in both directions and the software itself will handle the rest. There’re a number of advantages of using File Transfer Protocol, among them the ability to restart a download/upload when there is some problem with the connection or the option to set up different FTP accounts. With the latter option, you can set up FTP users that can connect only to specific folders in your hosting account, but no other folders, email accounts or other information, which makes it the perfect option particularly if you need to provide a web designer with access, for instance. You can also use an FTP account with famous web design applications like Dreamweaver or FrontPage and upload the websites that you have created straight from them, without having to make use of 3rd-party software.

FTP Accounts in Web Hosting

You’ll be able to create as many FTP accounts as you want with any of the web hosting plans offered by our company, since we’ve chosen not to limit this service. Thus, you can run numerous sites at the same time or provide other individuals with access to separate directories. As soon as a certain task has been completed and you wouldn’t like that person to be able to connect to your web files any longer, you can modify the password for the particular FTP account or you can just delete that account with a few clicks and stop worrying about someone using it once more. The Hepsia Control Panel, which is included with all website hosting accounts, will permit you to check the complete list of the active FTP accounts displayed alphabetically. It takes only one single click to administer various options for any of them – to edit the password or the access path, to download an auto-config file, etc.